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M33SS Dagger that was an Original SS Rohm Dagger with early double oval trademark that was never issued by the factory, then in 1936 the blade was re-surfaced and the Rohm inscription was removed and the RZM Eickhorn Code added to the reverse with the 2 digit 36 year code (1936 was the first year and 37 and 38 are known). These reissued daggers are rare and few are known. The veteran who this dagger was purchased from in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, found it in Austria along with a Postschutz Dagger in the same house on the border with Germany. The blade has no sharpening and no nicks with great crossgrain polish, very nice. Nickel crossguards are nice and no Roman Numeral, as would be correct for an issue piece that was from 1936. Lower crossguard has a 0 next to the edge of the blade on the bottom. Grip has some minor dings and one small flake on the upper right front with nice silver eagle and enamel SS Button. Scabbard has nice blue anodizing and nickel fittings with ball intact. Unusual markings and becoming impossible to find on today's market and has been in my personal collection for over 40 years.

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