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Nice enamel stickpin for RAD ARBEITS DANK. Well marked and no damage. usual terms and guarantee.

Price is $50 plus $5 shipping stateside


Choice near mint condition with manufacturer's name on reverse with pin. Nice enamel approximately quarter size first style and no enamel damage. Price is $60 plus $5 shipping stateside..

3. NS FRAUENSCHAFT MEMBERSHIP PIN. This enamel pin is the 1 3/4 inch tall size and in very good condition. No enamel damage and well marked on the reverse with pin, but does have some corrosion to the reverse bottom. Early RZM 46 mark $35 plus $5 shipping stateside.

5. REICHSNAHRSTAND MEMBERSHIP PIN. Approximately nickel size and Deschler Munch. marked on the reverse with pin. Price is $25 plus $5

7. NS FRAUENSCHAFT MEMBERSHIP PIN, 2ND STYLE ENAMEL. In excellent condition and no enamel damage approximately 1 3/8 inches tall. Reverse pin and RZM M1/34 maker mark. Price is $40 plus $5 shippiong stateside

8. SWORD/SWASTIKA/IRON CROSS WHW SILVER PIN. Exceptional condition with nice silver wash finish that is missing from most of these. Pinback on reverse. Price is $15 plus $4 shipping stateside.

10. RBD LAPEL PIN. Silver eagle with initials RBD. Pinback with
manufacturer's mark in very good condition. Price is $25 plus $5

11. GERMAN RED CROSS HELFERIN PIN. Approximately quarter size or a little bigger with nice chip free enamel and wording around the edge. Pinback with pin and GES. GESCH. marking.

Price is $50 plus $5 shipping

9. RLB EAGLE LAPEL PIN, TYPE 2. Nice silver pin with black swastika and manufacturer marked on the reverse with pin. Very good condition. Price is $45 plus $5 shipping stateside


Enamel 2nd Form OF VETERAN'S ASSOCIATION ENAMEL STICKPIN. Near Mint and no enamel damage and marked about dime size. Price is $40.00 plus $5 shipping stateside

6. NSKOV WAR WOUNDED MEMBERSHIP PIN. Approximately quarter size pin with RZM marked reverse with pin. Very good condition. Price is $20

12. VETERAN'S BUND BRONZE GRADE SHOOTING AWARD STICKPIN. Gilded brass with black enamel swastika about nickel size in very good to excellent condition.

Price is $45.00 plus $5 shipping stateside

13. DRL SPORT'S ORGANIZATION BRONZE GRADE AWARD STICKPIN. Excellent condition bronze eagle award stickpin about dime size and marked DRL on reverse. Price is $35.00 plus $5 shipping stateside

14. SA MEMBERSHIP STICKPIN. Marked Ges. Gesch. with nice excellent
condition finish. Price is $40 plus $5 shipping stateside

15. REICHSNAHRSTAND MEMBERSHIP STICKPIN. Excellent condition and well marked to Deschler Munchen nickel size.

Price $30 plus $5 shipping

16. WEHRMACHTS GEFOLGE STICKPIN Introduced on the 1st October 1941, the membership badge was issued to members of German armed-forces auxiliary organizations. Maker marked on reverse. Very Good Condition. Price is $25 plus $5 shipping stateside.