SS Officer Research Service

How often have you wondered who owned that SS Dagger with the serial number on the crossguard? Was he an officer and in which unit did he serve? Now for only $15.00 you can have a computerized check of the serial number to determine if the dagger was owned by an officer. The 1937 Dienstaltersliste that is used for this service will give you the following information: First World War awards and political awards. Award of the SS Ring, SS Sword, SA Sports Badge, DRL Badge, Lebensborn membership, party membership number to include the Gold Party Badge, unit assignment, and promotion dates. I can also provide a copy of the 1944 Dienstaltersliste entry if the member was still in the service at that date. This information can only add to the value of any SS item. (I can provide this same information with the member's name only.)