1. Very nice double sided Nazi Party Flag measures 14 inches by 18 inches in excellent condition. Has pole seam at the top and printed swastikas. Usual terms and guarantee. Price is $125 plus $7 shipping stateside


4 Foot by 4 Foot Early NSBO Standard with Fringe. White corner patch NSBO Bracth Zelle Sthrrombgens static Swastikas and silver bullion fringe. Has 6 of the 7 rings. Condition rates good with small holes in the red. White area has 7 Us veteran's signatures with their states only on one side and in one area.  Price is $795 plus $20 stateside shipping.

3. DAF STANDART FOR Dtmd. APELBECK 1. Has clips instead of rings and nice bullion fringe. Nice name patches both sides and some minor rust spots
to DAF symbol in center (see photos). Price is $850 plus shipping.